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Your business has an opportunity to reach Austin’s growing Hispanic market with ¡ahora si!. This Spanish-language weekly, produced in association with the Austin American-Statesman, engages, informs and entertains readers.

Now in our 5th year of being published, ¡ahora si! knows its readers well. Recent surveys of ¡ahora si! readers show that 76%* of readers frequently purchase products or services from ads in the publication. These readers have a buying power of $1.6 billion. With such a lucrative marketing reach, your business will be noticed by ¡ahora si! readers.

Informative and Educational.

¡ahora sí! actively participates in community events such as "Dia de los niños", "Fiestas Patrias", "Cinco de Mayo", and many more.

¡ahora sí! actively participates in community events such as "Dia de los niños", "Fiestas Patrias", "Cinco de Mayo", and many more.

¡ahora si! provides Central Texas readers with a Spanish-language publication providing the best coverage of its vibrant, Hispanic community. ¡ahora si! is written and edited by its own full-time, national award-winning multicultural staff and features a winning team made up of Austin American-Statesman journalists.

¡ahora si! provides readers with news that touches their everyday life. Readers find local, national and international news and sports. A local focus provides information about their community and neighborhoods, extensive event calendars, advice columns, and other topics that offer insight into life in Central Texas. In addition to providing first-rate news coverage, ¡ahora si! is also actively involved in the local hispanic community’s education, health and civic initiatives.

Now, the Fastest-Growing Segment of Central Texas has a Local Buying Power of $8.9 billion dollars.

The Hispanic population in the Austin media market ranks among the top 23 in the U.S. Over 496,000 local residents are of Hispanic descent. The number of Hispanics in the metro area has grown 44% since the 2000 Census.
Compared to other major Texas markets, the Austin area’s Hispanic population has the highest median household income.
Hispanics are Central Texas’ fastest-growing ethnicity and will make up 44% of the local population by 2040. Projections indicate that the local Hispanic population will grow 23% between 2008—2013.
Central Texas’ Hispanic community is not culturally monolithic but rather contains an amazing amount of internal diversity.

Central Texas Hispanic Population:

  • Median age is 27.6.
  • 75% of adults are employed. Median household income is $43,500.
  • 72% speak some Spanish at home.
  • 76% say that Mexico is their original country of origin.
  • 53% are male, 47% are female.
  • 61% have children at home.

Central Texas Hispanics…

Buy items at major department stores

Plan to buy cellular phones, HDTVs, appliances, boats, furniture

Are less likely to watch broadcast television stations

Travel to Mexico

Plan to buy a used vehicle in the next year

…at higher percentages than non-Hispanics.

Sources: Texas State Data Center at Texas A&M; Scarborough Research, 2008, Clatitas, 2008
Total may not add up to 100% due to rounding.

Reach 76,476* Readers Where They Live, Work and Shop

Since its debut in 2004, ¡ahora si! has increased its distribution by 38%, now distributed to more than 650 locations and racks, becoming recognized as the only established, audited Spanish-language publication in Central Texas.

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*Circulation Verification Council 2008 Audit Report.


Technical Specifications

Ad Dimensions (inches wide by inches deep)

  • Full Page: 10″ x 10.5″
  • 2/3 Page: 10″ x 7″
  • 1/2 Page Vertical: 4.951″ x 10.5″
  • 1/2 Page Horizontal: 10″ x 5.25″
  • 1/4 Page Square: 4.951″ x 5.25″
  • 1/4 Page Vertical: 2.427″ x 5.25″
  • 1/4 Page Horizontal: 4.951″ x 2.61″
  • 1/8 Page Vertical: 2.427″ x 5.25″
  • 1/8 Page Horizontal: 4.951″ x 2.61″
  • 1/16 Page: 2.427″ x 2.61″
  • Front Strip: 10″ x 0.75″

Artwork submission guidelines

3 ways to submit your ads or artwork.publicidad_ftp_grafico

  1. E-mail attachment: .5 mb limit to Include the following contact information:
    file name • phone number • publication date • sales rep
    IMPORTANT: make sure the subject of your e-mail is the name of your business and the pub. date, ie: JR Auto 0209
  2. Disk: Files can be submitted on a CD. Include the following:
    file name • phone number and address (for returnable items) • publication date • sales rep
  3. FTP: Users may submit larger files to our FTP site by two methods (shown on right):
    via Web Browser OR via Fetch™ (Fetch is available for download on the Statesman FTP site under Support)

File Formats



COLOR MODES: Line Art, Greyscale, or CMYK (Ask your sales representative about available spot colors)
SIZE: 100% of print size*
FONTS: Outlined or embedded fonts ONLY
• ANY OTHER PROGRAM FILES such as Quark, Pagemaker, Powerpoint, Word, Publisher, etc.
• IMAGES OFF WEB SITES is a great channel to expand and reach to even more of the growing Hispanic Market of Central Texas. provides local news, international coverage, sports, event calendars, community events, entertainment and more through a rich platform that includes video, photo galleries, polls and reader’s opinions.
Samples of Ad Units (in pixels).

  • 180 x 90 Dog Ear
  • 780 x 90 Leaderboard
  • 300 x 250 Medium Rectangle
  • 160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper

Hispanic Heritage Month Special

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